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Prophecy is a divinely inspired Word from the Lord spoken through a man or woman of God. The purpose of this section is to provide you with words of prophecy spoken through Creflo Dollar at various times throughout the years. Prophecy is an exciting part of God’s plan for getting things done in the Earth, and the words He speaks through men and women of God come to pass in the lives of those who hear and release their faith for the manifestation. As you read and meditate on these prophecies, continue to declare them and expect to see them fulfilled in your life.


04/06/2014 “A Failure You will Never Be” Creflo A. Dollar
07/21/2013 “You Will Reign as Kings Creflo A. Dollar
02/06/2013 “Rejoice in the Midst of It.” Creflo A. Dollar
04/04/2012 “You’ll Win. You’ll Win. You’ll Win.” Creflo A. Dollar
11/02/2011 God Is Going to See You Through Creflo A. Dollar
08/14/2011 “These Are My Days” Creflo A. Dollar
03/13/2011 “I’ll See You Through” Creflo A. Dollar
12/31/2010 Breakthrough At Last! Creflo A. Dollar
09/01/2010 I’m About to Increase My Presence On You! Creflo A. Dollar
07/18/2010 Receive from Me and Rejoice! Creflo A. Dollar
07/14/2010 It’s Recompense Time in Your Life! Creflo A. Dollar
06/02/2009 I Am About to Bring You Through Creflo A. Dollar
01/04/2009 I am About to Show out! Creflo Dollar
11/12/2008 "At last, At last, At last" Creflo Dollar
10/09/2008 We Will Turn It Around Together N/A
05/30/2008 “Great Strength” Creflo A. Dollar
03/02/2008 “The Lord God Your Strength” Creflo A. Dollar
12/09/2007 Turning Point Year Creflo A. Dollar
10/24/2007 It’s Time to Believe God Creflo A. Dollar
08/26/2007 The Blessing Explosion Creflo A. Dollar
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